You have to wonder if the Giants O line would even be a decent college line, embarrassingly bad!!
I actually remember Marillac being on the Bradshaw bandwagon, Also us and Marillac so old now I remember him being on the Terry Bradshaw bandwagon too :)
He was the hardest pound for pound runner I’ve ever seen and he was a 7th round pick.

You can find a Bradshaw in every draft. There is so much talent at the RB position. Just build a RB in the aggregate….a small receiver, a bruiser that doesn’t get hurt easily, and someone who does it all relatively well.
Let's tell the Giants they will draft VJ in the first round if he doesn't got o duke. He's from the Bahamas maybe he doesn't follow football
Dak Prescott is my starting QB today in my redmen.com fantasy football league.

That's 1 way to see something good in another giant debacle
Giant fans had something to be happy about today with a win over Washington, 31-19 with 6 takeaways.🙂