You have to wonder if the Giants O line would even be a decent college line, embarrassingly bad!!
I actually remember Marillac being on the Bradshaw bandwagon, Also us and Marillac so old now I remember him being on the Terry Bradshaw bandwagon too :)
He was the hardest pound for pound runner I’ve ever seen and he was a 7th round pick.

You can find a Bradshaw in every draft. There is so much talent at the RB position. Just build a RB in the aggregate….a small receiver, a bruiser that doesn’t get hurt easily, and someone who does it all relatively well.
Interesting item from the NY Post.

Tierney, who has known Banks for more than a decade as he covers St. John’s basketball games and Banks is a huge fan of the program, chimed in.
When he was born the delivering doctor put him on injured reserve. To be fair Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime would get hurt behind the Giants O line.
The offensive line taking the word offensive too literally
Let's tell the Giants they will draft VJ in the first round if he doesn't got o duke. He's from the Bahamas maybe he doesn't follow football
Dak Prescott is my starting QB today in my redmen.com fantasy football league.

That's 1 way to see something good in another giant debacle
Giant fans had something to be happy about today with a win over Washington, 31-19 with 6 takeaways.🙂