Jones has improved immensely. Credit to him for his hard work and not getting down when the majority of the media and fans wanted to run him out of town.

That shows a lot of stones, and shows Jones has the temperament and moxie to succeed in NY.

The Giants have their QB. Let’s go!
What a f'ing game by Jones ! Best of his career and holy cow and what coaching !!

I never would have gone for it on that 4th down. Ballsy Call !
Bro in the playoffs you gotta be aggressive and go for the kill, atleast that my mentality. You gotta trust your men to cut throat.

What a f'ing day: SJU takes down #6 at their building, then the Giants win their first playoff game since winning the sb in 2012.

I'm a proud fan this day.
I'm more of a Jets fan, but grew up in a household that rooted for every New York team other than the Rangers. So ecstatic that the Giants knocked it out of the park with the hire. Literally my only concern is that these guys should start eating more salad, because it certainly isn't coaching acumen that would stand in the way of a 15-year run of success.