Daniss Jenkins

It was a joke, Mase - just teasing MR was all.

However the statement that Jenkins is the best player we've had "in a long time" is also a joke. People have seriously short memories.

To the extent the Jenkins argument is "but he was second team all Big East":

Soriano was second team all Big East in 22-23
Champagnie was first team all Big East in 21-22 and before that in 20-21.
Ponds was first team all Big East in 18-19
Oh, and Posh was the Big East Co-DPOY and Freshman of the Year in 20/21.

IMHO the difference between Marillac "the Jenkins hater" and the Jenkins pom-pom boys is that Marillac actually has basketball reasons and some data to support his opinion, whereas the other side has "but we love Jenkins and he scored all those points for us" without considering the consequence of him "scoring all those points for us."

Good player, enormously over-used by Pitino, don't know whether a different approach would have been more or less successful than that, but we do know that it didn't get the team to the NCAA's.

And we also know that he wasn't "the best player we've had in a long time" unless we are defining "a long time" as he summer of 2023.
Over used by Pitino is merely a opinion , not a fact !
I would value Pitino’s evaluation of a BB player higher than anyone on this Board .
Pitino has a track record of only giving the Ball and the confidence , trust to a select few of his players . Jenkins was among that group . Rick did not waver for 1 minute on Jenkins .

Over dribbling , poor defense , too much shooting , etc all were rejected by Pitino as it relates to Jenkins .
We should all move on to the 24-25 season .
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