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The Creighton fans travel extremely well. They are going to be ranked very high this year. I was at the Garden the year we played them there. I believe it was Doug McDermott’s last year. There was a good crowd at the Garden. If we wind up getting ranked this season and they’re a Top 10 team, they will have to find a way to move that game to the Garden.

Not exactly a full house


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Don't tell Monte. He'll want the 3 of them strung
Creighton will be a top 10 team very possibly this year and if this game is on a Saturday at MSG it would draw in much the same way ranked Pitt v Dwight Hardy led Johnnies did imo.
Even if it's a financial loss, gotta play more games at MSG if you want to elevate the profile of the program and use MSG as a successful recruiting tool. Kinda falls under the ole saying of "you gotta spend(loose) money to make money". Maybe a loss in the short term, but a win in the long term. As for ABs comment, I honestly have NFI what he's talking about.


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Not to jinx the team, and a little off topic , but Florida State beat McGill last night
by only 16. I would be shocked if we can’t beat them. McGill did not have its 2 best players and 6th man from last season , nor did it have the 2 division 1 transfers whom they just got over the summer who can’t play until school starts. Their 7 foot plus Center dunks anything close to the basket and is agile. Very athletic team but we should be victorious.


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Does this mean we now have a chance at Rens players?

Or will that close when Penny is fired and Borman is back in April?


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St. John’s Releases 2021-22 Annual Report
Red Storm Athletic Department Celebrates Accomplishments of Student-Athletes

QUEENS, N.Y. (August 15, 2022) –
The St. John’s Athletic Department has released its 2021-22 annual report, celebrating the accomplishments of the Red Storm’s 17 varsity athletic programs and 300-plus student-athletes over the past year.

The annual report showcases the athletic, academic and personal achievements of St. John’s student-athletes during the academic year. Among the many highlights featured, the annual report details the women’s soccer team’s historic run to the NCAA Tournament Round of 16, the men’s soccer team’s 22nd appearance in the NCAA Tournament and the fencing program’s 29th consecutive top-seven finish at the NCAA Championships. In addition, the annual report celebrates the department’s 28 All-BIG EAST honorees, four BIG EAST Players of the Year and five All-Americans.

St. John’s student-athletes also shined in the classroom, finishing with a cumulative grade point average of 3.55. A record 234 student-athletes were also named to the BIG EAST All-Academic Team. Three Red Storm programs earned BIG EAST Team Academic Awards for carrying the highest team GPA in their respective sport.

In addition to the Red Storm’s athletic and academic success, the annual report also details the departments many efforts in the community. St. John’s student-athletes dedicated nearly 2,400 hours to community service projects while the Athletics Council on Community, Culture and Social Justice (CCCSJ) continued to facilitate education and sponsor important initiatives, such as Solidarity Week.

The annual report also offers a glimpse into the Red Storm’s UNLIMITED program, which expanded this past year with strategic partnerships to support student-athletes with their Name, Image and Likeness endeavors.

To view the complete 2021-22 annual report, click here.