Charleston Classic (11/16-17 & 19) Ticket Pre-Sale info

Are we targeting a section today or should I just look for red? We are in the North Texas team hotel, they seem well represented.
If anyone needs tickets I have 4 to to today's Thursday's sessions. They are Baseline lower chairback general admission in section 114, 115, 101 and 102. I have 1 available for the Friday and Sunday sessions. $30 each.
If you see Red could be Dayton too. They travel REALLY well. Ironically they played in Charleston last time we were down there during the Lavin years. They packed that place back then.
Good call. Dayton has a LOT of folks down here.
Regarding St. John's Saturday night event at 530pm :

I spoke to the athletic department about the sold out status. The venue maximum they could hold for the event is 120 people. I am pretty sure st. john's will be checking registered guests in, and likely issuing wrist bands to a reserved area. There will therefore be no opportunity to register at the event as they usually allow.

Being that SJU will be serving beverages and food and it is a free event at the school's expense, that's pretty generous of them to foot the bill. If you are not already a member, consider a Red White membership even if you are a remote fan. Red White supports all SJU athletics and is the major fund raising arm of the athletic department. A small membership would help defray the cost of the event. Not mandatory by any means, and no charge events to large away events (like the NCAA's) are typical of SJU to provide, to gather alums and fans and thank them for their support travelling to the event.
Thanks for the info Beasts. If anyone has 2 tickets to the event and can't use them, message me (if they're transferable). If not, we'll be joining you all at 7:30.
Great pictures. I had hoped to make tonight's after social social at uptown social. But my family and I had a wonderful night at holy city magic at 49 1/2 John St, Charleston. While they have shows only on Friday and Saturdays, I highly recommend it whenever you all can make it.

Let's beat the utes! Go johnnies.