Caitlin Clark

I am an Angel Reese fan. She give 150% every minute of the game. Great motor, never gets outworked.

On the other hand, I don't love Clark court demeanor. She is an incredible talent, but she's shows-up her teammates quite regularly with annoyed body language. I can see why she is not wildly popular in the locker room.
I think there are other reasons for Clark's unpopularity with players. She gets hit regularly while playing, but I have not seen her teammates step up for her.
CC was and All Time great for women's college BB, and she is the only reason the WNBA is on anyone's radar for like the first time ever. Give her her props. She is to the WNBA what Magic and Bird were for reviving the NBA.

To a certain extent Magic needed Bird and vice versa to achieve the exponential NBA growth at the time, despite their individual talents. The rivalry was a very big part of it. I think the same will end up true for Clark and Reese.

There does appear to be a fair bit of jealousy regarding Clark's promotion and media opportunities, but in the long run the players need to understand that a high tide raises all boats.