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They had a great start last year and won an NCAA tournament game. Team looks offensively challenged at this point. Willard hasn't played the transfer portal well at Maryland and are relying too heavily on inexperienced players for scoring. I would expect them to get better as the season goes along but time will tell.
Maybe but they lost to a UAB team that isn’t particularly good and also very poor on offense. Was a rough game to watch.
Indiana in a dogfight with Army right now at home. All tied up at 58 with 3:20 left in he game. Game is on the Big 10 network.
Another poster mentioned that Long Beach State beat Michigan 94-80 the other night .

Kid on LB State had 35 but , when I looked at box score what I saw was 2 Traore Brothers combining for 27 points .

They are from the Ivory Coast so I don’t think they are related to our Drissa ? But , I may be wrong .

1 Brother is 6’10” and the other 6’5”.