April 01, 2022


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It's good to be back. I'm not sure anybody remembers me or even that I should be remembered lol, but I was a regular/semi-regular who used to post here under the handle "Plexxxx" back in the early days of redmen.com (1998 to 2001 mainly). At that point my life changed quite a bit and I lost my desire to contribute and then later I lost my login information, but I have never lost my love of the Johnnies. Even though I haven't posted in 20 years, I have read the forum on a daily (usually multiple times a day) basis during that time away, so while I may be a considered a new jack to most of you, I am anything but. I look forward to talking St. John's hoops with all of you again. Thanks Paul, for making this the best place for SJU fans to gather and holding that mantle for nearly 25 years and counting.
I remember the handle. Welcome back.


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Would be nice to have a thread with some posters updating their handles because there are quite a few new names and I'm sure they are older posters just with a new name this time around.


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Thanks for keeping us technologically up to date. Took this guy a few minutes to navigate but it's a pretty nice site, as has been every iteration since '99