Why Am I a Jet Fan?

Problem is who? QB is not plug and play. Maybe they pick up someone around the “bye”. They put their eggs in the Zach Wilson backup basket. Adding someone to the mix now is tough ask.
How many more losses can you take before season is over though? Wait too long, and there's no point in trading draft capital for anyone.

And when you reach that point of no trade, you've reached Ryan and Wentz, which means you should just have signed one of them last week.
I'd go with Colt McCoy. He's serviceable, picks things up quickly, and would be a massive upgrade over the dreck we're watching right now...
Trevor Siemian to practice squad. It's out-of-the-box thinking like this that will save the season. :rolleyes:
He has unfinished business from last time he was on the team and completed 3 0f 6 passes before Myles Garret cheapshotted him when he was filling in for the Mono patient.