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In the close to 25 years of being a member here this is absolutely the hardest thing for me to say. Our friend SJUFAN2 passed away on tuesday. Moose was kind enough to let me know a couple hours ago. It was sudden and happened tuesday as he was unresponsive when his sister went to wake him up.

Back in the early years of Mkras and I organized a party at Mustang Sallys and I forget but we must have had close to 50 members of the site show up. I'm relatively sure that's the first night I met Ed and we have been friends ever since. In those early years Ed,Moose Kranmars Myself and a bunch of others would be at the games and meet up at Sly Fox or after MSG etc and anyone who knew Ed personally knew what an all around awesome person and friend he was.

Just to show what type of guy he was when he took the job at a big payroll company setting up 401k plans with Financial Advisors etc I had told him a problem my client was having with his company. Ed was never going to get paid on this plan and it wasn't even his and he would never even get credit with his company for helping but he worked on it got the right people involved and fixed the issues. He didnt just stop there. He got the payroll company to move my client into a higher tier plan. The only reason he did this was because he was a friend and that's the type of guy Ed was.

Ed you will be missed greatly my friend. I'm a better person for having known you and lucky to have had you as a friend
I went to SJU with Moose and through him I met Ed. He was a great man. Always enjoyed taking hoops with him. I believe he called me “sunshine” because of my pessimistic outlook on SJU hoops.

That is a great story Maher. Doesn’t surprise me at all.
Ed was a good, no great, man. Some of you might not have agreed with his politics, but he really cared so much about everything. He wanted the best for everyone and truly was a standup guy. Goodbye my brother, I'll be lighting more than one candle for you at Mass this weekend. My tears are flowing for you. Rest in peace. Rich