New York Knicks 2021-22

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Alright, somehow the team that is bringing the most joy to my life, the New York Knicks, are back. 

They won their first preseason game. Kemba and Fournier in the starting lineup. Kemba has the biggest smile on his face playing for NYC. RJ still shooting it well from deep. I cannot wait for this season. Lets GOOOOOO
I cut the cable cord this summer and went full-streaming. 

What service do you guys use to watch MSG?
MainMan post=440216 said:
I cut the cable cord this summer and went full-streaming. 

What service do you guys use to watch MSG?
This is a good question. My Dad and I bought league pass last year, but we live out of the NYC area so we were able to watch every Knicks game through that.

However, I do have a cousin who tried league pass, and he lives in Queens, and he could not watch the Knicks or Nets due to local cable black outs in the area. 

So, if you live in the New York area, I do not have any recommendations for you and would love to see if anyone else does so I could let my cousin know. But if the Knicks aren't the hometown team where you live, then league pass is a decent option. 

It is a little pricey, but getting to watch a competent knicks team with my Dad last year, you can't put a price on that. 
I see Fubo's live TV service has both MSG and SNY (I'm a Mets fan) plus FS1 and FS2 for Big East games.

Plus 113 other channels.

That ticks off a lot of boxes for me. 

It's $65 a month, which isn't cheap but is cheaper than my cable bill.

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I’ve never seen a preseason game so intense with a crowd so into it. Felt like the playoffs.
NYC is starved for a good Knicks team.
The Garden is absolutely rockin'.  I am not there, but can essentially feel it coming off my TV.  
Wow !! I’m calling the nickname first. Evan Threenier. Mjmaherjr approves of that signing. Not good for Quick though 
Robinson with 17 boards too.

And Tatum stunk it up from perimeter...was 2 for 15 (13%)
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Would be shocked if a Thibs coached team doesn't at least have solid defense, even if not as good as last year.  They are going to drop off defensively at the guard slots with Walker/Fournier instead of Payton/Bullock, but Noel's absence hurts the rim protection and once Robinson is healthier and in playing shape, those two together should be good defensively on the back line.
Delaware post=440709 said:
Nice win, but get ready for lots of high scoring games. Knicks' defense is nonexistent. 
Have a couple Celtic fan friends in my life who told me Kemba is a great teammate and will have games where he is electric on offense, but is just a straight up bad defender. I saw a lot of that tonight. 

either way what a great season opener. Instant classic. Will be a fun season 
Not to be negative after a win, but the game should have never went into ot. Those back to back positive where they turned it over was horrible. The Knicks have to clean that up.
RedStormNC wrote:
When Knicks win, fans go nuts - check out the video clip...

RSNC, have to say that while I love my Johnnies and am now a slightly bigger Johnnie than Knick fan, there is nothing like the excitement in NYC when the Knicks are winning big. I still remember the late 60s and early 70s as my best years as a NY sports fan. MSG has always been the best!