Keegan Bradley

Trust he is BACK IN THE FOLD!
The former AD worked really hard to help mend fences with Keegan, Mark Jackson and others. He connected with many out of touch former athletes in his time here. On that note with a huge assist from JSJ, Gus Alfieri, in failing health was inducted into our Hall of Fame just months before he passed.

Keegan gave one great induction speech (as have many other former athletes).

I'll paraphrase his:

"I arrived at St John's not knowing if I made the right decision. Schools in better climates allow you to golf year round. Then as I settled here, it was clear I made the right choice. I came from a town in Massachusetts where people have to work hard for everything they have. Queens is exactly like that, where people work hard to reach their goals. It was a great fit"

I spoke with Keegan at the cocktail hour and I told him that since he arrived he had a perpetual big smile on his face. He replied, "I'm having such a blast being back here!"

Classy guy. Great honor to captain the Ryder Cup team. One of our finest.
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