Badges, $upporters of this community

First off, thank you to @otis for leading the fund raising efforts for this site this past year. Today I got a bill for $650 to renew the domain. This is just one annual fee that I pay regularly to keep this site going. There are many fees for software, license/subscriptions, software tech support and other development beyond my own time.

I have always wanted to keep this a true community site and not charge anyone. When I first started this site, I was a small
I am grateful to the men who have spent so much time on here volunteering for over quarter century! @Knight is super diligent
accomplished men who surely have a lot better things to do, volunteer their time often on a daily basis. With the passing of SJUFAN2 I have felt especially inadequate in expressing this gratitude to these men.
When we transitioned over to this new site last March/April, @otis asked for $upport. And then at the end of the year he …the donor includes a note thanking me! Again, I feel inadequate to express my gratitude.

These thing have been on my mind and I've been working on and slowly implementing some new features. The site now includes some badges … categories and for different reasons.

For those of you who have made a donation in 2022, you will now have a badge recognizing this on your profile page and within the profile box on your forum
So I tried matching up some of these manually but I may have missed some.
The donations are processed by donorbox which is a trusted 3rd party organization that does the same for organizations like Habitat for Humanity. There is a link in the main menu "Contribute" which goes to Otis' appeal but I will probably update that and you can also click direct:

Thank you again,
You’re the best and from Ronald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach I tip my hat to you:
Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
Without you
they’d be no us

( …see, we’re family, all of you and me 😀🏀)