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For me, the most gut wrenching loss as a SJU fan. We snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. Up 5 with 40+ seconds, up 4 with 19 seconds left in regulation. The missed Comegys call hurt, but the and-1 fouls on Baldi and Bross during that stretch did us in as well. Sweet 16 ticket already punched and taken away just like that.
That no call on Comegy didn’t hurt. It caused the loss. To show how much losing an NCAA game because of a blatant mistake by officials affects coaches here is a Looie story published years after that game.
It snowed that Sunday in NYC and Looie arriving home that night decided to shovel his driveway. His mind was so affixed on the De Paul game that after shoveling for a couple of hours Mrs. Carnesecca opened the front door and said “ Looie if you are going to shovel you might as well shovel our driveway and not the neighbors”.
Was depressed for two weeks after the DePaul debacle. While the refs screwed us I also thought John Hempel sabotaged the game as revenge for not getting enough playing time during the season.
I know friends who are DeP fans and they envy us and have for years even in our worst eras, we've been better than them.

It's kinda sad since CHI like NYC is or was a hotbed of basketball from the public leagues to the Catholic and private schools to AAU.

While we had legends like Lapchick and Looie they had Ray Meyer and some great teams and great players going way back. After Joey Meyer they have really stunk the place up, even though they got a nice new inner city facility built, it is mostly empty.

Recycyling Dave Leitao drove my DeP buddies crazy and they think the school operates with a small-mindedness in their Coach and AD hires and have for decades.

There are no Mark Aquirres or Dallas Comegys walking through the door anytime soon.

I, like you, hope they turn it around by bringing in a prominent AD and opening up their wallet for a huge name coach. A fellow Vincentian school which otherwise fits the new BE profile perfectly would be nice to have.
Great post !
Yes , the DePaul loss was very painful . Over the years , the Billy Singleton foul call vs Puke was another .

Chris Mullin missing Free Throw Vs Temple was one too . Cost us the game .

Lastly , the non call on Scoonie Penn vs Ohio State on Erick Barkley’s drive to the hoop cost us a Final 4 .
You’re killing me. You left out the series of misses against Alabama in 1982
You’re killing me. You left out the series of misses against Alabama in 1982
I’m killing you? You must factor that I’m 77 years old . I barely recall what I had for lunch and that was a hour ago!

Although , I do remember the loss to Penn in a elite 8 game that prevented us from another Final 4 That’s after a Friday night win against Rutgers and Jammin James Bailey .

We couldn’t stop Tony Price on Penn and he was a Brooklyn kid besides .

I hate to say it because he’s our Legend but , more than a few games we lost with Looie as Coach that were winnable .

But ,who’s to say we would have Won .
Some SJ & BE commentary

Some SJ & BE commentary

More bulletin board material. Let’s use it to our advantage.
The DePaul loss in '87 was a crusher. I remember watching it in a common room TV in college. DePaul had some terrific teams in the 80's - great players like Aguirre, Cummings, Strickland etc.