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One of the constant refrains from social media and blog posters when confronted with a nasty exchange is, "(fill in the blanks) if you weren't hiding behind a keyboard".

Truth is, when you meet in person and get to know the ardent fans who post here, to a person, they are really nice folks whose commonality in love of our school and program far outweighs the different opinions about life and basketball.

Simply going to games doesn't give you a great opportunity to meet and know people. Pregame/postgame meetups do, as well as our get togethers or other university events.

This weekend in Charleston was simply great. Screen names became Mike, Bob, Vinny, Matt, Terry, Darrin and a host of others. Seeing you at or around the arena, events, or bumping into you around town was fantastic.

Our fan response was amazing. The 300-400 fans who made their way to Charleston made their presence felt in the arena. The players and coaches felt it too, and it was a slice of what our base can become. It was more than just fans rooting. It was a unified base with a common knowledge that our moment is arriving and coming soon.

I don't get that feeling at a Mets, Yankees, or any other pro sports team venue. This is our team, most of our fans grew up a stone's throw from campus and as Keegan Bradley said at his HOF induction, "I immediately felt comfortable here around people from Queens and naerby who have to work hard for everything they have." CRP is in that group - one of us.

So that's the real value (to me at least) is coming out, like literally hundreds did, from behind a keyboard, to enjoy 3 great games and one great city, in the company of great fans and people.