Our Paul and his family require our help ( please read below )


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Everyone knows how sick Paul has been with such a horrible disease. His wife texted me yesterday morning and instead of paraphrasing the horrible stuff they are going through she said I could put her text up word for word. This is the type of nightmare you hear on the news sometimes

Whatever anyone can do to help them please donate whatever you can. Paul has been there for us the last 25+ years and I have no doubt if one of us was in the same situation him and his awesome family would be there for any of us. Best way to donate money is the donate button on this site.

I pray none of us are ever in this situation and everyone bands together to help them

Hi Mike,
I am reaching out cause we could really use sane help. Paul with the Grace of God is still fighting this disease. He had to be hospitalized on Tuesday because of fluid build up, they took six bottles of 1000 ml each of fluid from one side only. This was causing tremendous pressure and pain. They may do the other side this stay or we may come back next week. We are hoping they will put in a drain that can be managed by a visiting nurse. Paul’s courage and faith inspire us and we are doing everything possible to take care of him. Max moved back home to help take care of him. I work full time and take care of him @ night. My job not only provides our income but is the sourse of our health insurance. Our kids help as much as they can but everything is so expensive and they have their own responsibilities. I have taken out a second mortgage and maxed out my credit cards. I am reaching out for help from the Redmen community. I know that times are tough financially for many of us .

Donation Sent.

As mjmaherjr said above Paul has been there for us for 25 plus years.
I and others have made many a friend through this great site and we all owe a great debt of gratitude to Paul.
He alone bore the cost of this site for the majority of the time that it has existed.
I ask that whatever you can donate you please do as he and his family are in a time of crisis.

Thank you RMN.