NFL “Stuff”

ESPNs already invested enough of their money in nfl games, so they’ll never cover it as critically as in the past. The suspension of Bill Simmons over his criticism of Goddell and deflategate made that clear.

But I think this will ultimately be bad for fans
As long as Cowboys, Eagles and Dolphins are knocked out, I’m happy. Go Bills or Lions.
Wow to keep this in perspective the last time Detroit won a playoff game mjmaherjr was 21
Not a bettor at all, but at an every Sunday coffee get together yesterday morning with old bball buddies, one who is insisted on two things; Dallas would lose big and bet the over on points. No question who is buying next week.
Just happy the Cowgirls and Beagles are eliminated. Now I just want competitive, enjoyable games. Guess I have a soft spot for the Bills

nothing like rooting for New York's "Football" Team and not the wanabees from the Jersey Swamp Lands
My Facebook had a memory from 2022. It was a status reading, "HOW ABOUT DEM COWBOYS"... it's almost like they do this every year.