New York Jets

sounds similar to last year. My reckless speculation was misdiagnosed and didn't heal properly.
His stance always worried me. His knees bent inward at an awkward angle and with his size it looked like a recipe for disaster. Let’s hope surgery goes well but I am afraid he’s another DeWayne Robertson.
Don’t let door hit you in the ass, has done nothing, but another guy w inflated ego. Doubt he has much value;

Hopefully Panthers offer something to reunite him with his college coach
4-2 and their on thread... what could be better lol.
Loved the Defense yesterday- was great to see Sauce with the Cheesehead post game.
Interesting tweets from Moore afterwards... hopefully winning cures any selfishness brewing
Glad the thread is here so we all have a place to vent when the season flips, but for now it has been fun. Run the ball play defense and compete on special teams keeps you in most games.
The 2 best QBs in the league are right through the tunnel! Can't beat those QBs who don't really like to throw too much...You know that is the way to do damage to the arm
wide receivers are wide receivers, they don't get paid unless they catch the ball a lot. For the first time since Parcells the team is customizing their offensive and defensive games based on their opponent. If their run defense is solid, they pass, if thier pass defense is solid they will pound the run. It will change from week to week. The only thing consistent will be the DL will be attacking.