Ladies on TV Again on Saturday

a much better second quarter. Still loosing by 4 21-17. Let’s go. Kadaja Bailey 1/9 , she has to calm down and let the game come to her. We need our 5th year senior who has played more games than any player In SJU women’s history to play well.
down 29-20 at the half
Scored only 5 points in 2nd qtr.
Jayla picked up 2nd foul, no one else could score.
went cold--Joe going to have to have a hell of a 1/2 time talk. Bailey a non factor.

I watched the 1st game, Miami/Ok ST to see the two of the top NIL college players, the Cavinder twins, Haley the better player and led the Canes in scoring, rebounds and assists. Definitely more than a pretty face. In postgame interview, her lip gloss looked like it was just put on, probably one of her NIL sponsors. I think the twins return for their "Covid year" as more to made as social media influencers than WNBA. The game was good as Miami was down by 17 at half and won by one
Down 46-41 End of 3 qtr.
Jayla playing on one leg after falling hard to the floor. Bailey playing better in 2nd half. UNC hurting us with second chance opportunities and hitting open 3s.
Final 10 minutes for a push.
loosing by 5 at the end of 3.
We have their second leading scorer in foul trouble with 4 fouls.
Someone else besides Jayla Everett has to get a little hot. Much better third quarter for Kadaja who went 2/2 as opposed to 1/11 in the first half.
We have hit 13/15 from the foul line.
Could be worse.
Have to hit some shots in this defensive struggle.