Is Naglesman the man?


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After Bayern's recent play I'm beginning to wonder. It seems like he is constantly tinkering with formations and game plans just because he can. Seems like he thinks he's a genius and can make adjustments just for the heck of it. Some of his substitutions are strange. Today he subbed off Hernandez for Davies and less than three minutes later Villareal scored the clincher while Davies was out of position. Meanwhile there are rumors that some of the senior players are not happy with the how he is handling things. Last time there was a situation like that they fired Kovacs. I think they've got too much invested in him to make a change, but if they lose Der Klassicher to Dortmund a week from Saturday that could shake things up. A 9 point lead in the Bundesliga with 5 games to go seems like the title should be a lock, but..........

BTW, there is a lot of talk that Lewandowski is mulling a move to Barca. I'd hate to lose him, but if he continues to get very little service I wouldn't blame him if he left.


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The Spanish teams are playing very well--Real Madrid also won to advance to semi's. Tomorrow Man City and Liverpool play tomorrow with City facing Atletico Madrid at Madrid with only a one goal lead.


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I'm too bummed out to even comment. Yesterday was a WTF moment.


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Today's games went to form. Liverpool needed to "hold serve" with a 3-goal cushion after the first game.

City had a 1 goal lead after the first game but Atletico Madrid has a defensive posture to an extreme setting up 0-5-5 (no forwards) as it is what Simeone preaches. Last 20 minutes were very tense. City looked tired after last Saturday's match. DeBruyne may have been injured and 11 minutes of added time that went to more than 16 minutes. Fight broke out around the 90th minute with yellow cards flying and one red to an Atletico player. Simeone went total "batspit" and also got a yellow.

at end of month semis start with Liverpool going against Villareal and City versus Real Madrid in home and homes.

This Saturday Liverpool and City square of again in the FA Cup semis