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Hello teammates—

It’s that time of the year where the basketball season is upon us and we spend many hours online to keep up to date on the latest college basketball news, especially news on our beloved program.

Just to remind all interested readers of this site, that although there is no membership fee to participate here, there are still significant costs to hosting and maintaining such a valuable platform.

Nearly all of the costs are borne by Paul Massell, the site owner. Over the years, several members have generously contributed to help defray those costs. I am asking you to donate what you can to help keep this site humming along providing valuable information and a forum for all to respectfully express their views.

Please note that your donation will not entitle you to any more rights and privileges than you now enjoy.

There is a CONTRIBUTE link to make your donation easy.

For those that can, THANKS in advance for your donations.

Go Johnnies!