Disappointing year for the lady hoopsters.

Johnny Rapper

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I had the opportunity to watch the St John's woman's team play a few times this past season. While the woman program is not under the same scrutiny that the men's program is, I went away with the feeling that the team should have done allot better then it had. I realize that the team finished exactly what was predicted of them in the league, yet I believe that there was enough talent that should have led to better results. Correa , Patterson, Bailey, Drake and Peeples are certainly good enough to play on any teams in the conference (with the exception of UConn), and with average scoring of 72 points per game, should have been more competitive. From what I could see, similar to our mens team's approach, there was too much helter skelter offense and not enough defense.


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I know nothing about the women's hoops team.
But like the men, I think they suffer a crisis of identity.
Which is why I propose a return to our true name: "The Express."