Big East Tournament Picks, Predictions, Odds

Johnny Rapper

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I suspect that would make this a quite unhappy place if that oilds true.
Agree but I think that allot of what is written is based on players performances in the past. And while Soriano seems greatly improved offensively and Jones a bonified scorer and Posh (hopefully with a better shot) is consistent, none of the other players, in the writer’s eyes, were anything to write home about. And perhaps, aside from the players, the writer may not be sold on coach A’s system which in the past has given up way too many points.

To me, this years success may hinge on the contributions of Curbelo, Storr and Stanley. . If Curbelo lives up to the hype, Storr gets close to his potential and Stanley can give the team a strong inside presence, we could be looking at a Dance invite. Even with as such, I just can’t see this team finishing any higher then 5th or 6th but hope on wrong on that.


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The motto this season is simple. Prove it.

This team hasn't earned benefit of the doubt for a top 4-5 ranking in Big East. Prove that the 8 returning guys and big splashes in the portal are going to make for a better cohesive unit. Win the games that matter. Let them doubt now, and eat their words later.

Pressure is on, so thrive in it and Prove it.


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I mean these are completely meaningless. Although, I think the odds pretty correct. Are we the 9th best team in the league? Maybe, maybe not but +2000 is a draw for NYers and they can definitely make some cash. Once you get into the +1000s they are just looking to get suckers money. Throw $10 on it for $200


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Another random website with a story dated September 13th predicts that our beloved Johnnies will finish #7 in the Big East this season.



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Jerry Carino also has our beloved johnnies picked #6 in the Big East Conference this season.
1. Creighton
2. \\//
3. Yukon
4. Providence
5. Seton Hall
6. St. John’s: Loaded with individual talent, but we’ve been bullish on the Johnnies in recent years -- and gotten burned. Will be entertaining, for sure.
7. Xavier
8. Marquette
9. Butler
10. DePaul
11. Georgetown